Project: Tea Time
Date: May / June 2005
In collaboration with SOHO IN OTTAKRING

The project Tea Time offered every day, during the Soho Ottakring festival (21.5.05 – 04.06.05), at 5 o' clock a place to sit together, to drink tea and to get to know people coming from different cultural backgrounds. Every afternoon an invited person prepared tea and performed one particular kind of tea ritual. It took place in my studio, which was opened to everybody. The special preparation of each tea, which was brought from all over the world (green tea from Japan, hand-picked herb-tea from the turkish mountains, black tea from India, etc.), created a dialogue between the performers and the visitors. Discussions about cultural uses and mentalities brought about wider perspectives not only on the differences, but also on the similarities of our societies. The meetings at 5 o' clock intended to create a place of interaction and communication for the participants. The space was used as an artist studio during the day, but the persons invited to prepare the tea could make changes in the room according to their needs and preferences.