Performed at the cinema Balzac, Paris, for the film festival "signes de nuit", and for the presentation after the seminary titled "Mothers of Invention: Where does the performance come from?" in the Institute of Contemporary Art, Vienna.


What is real and what is a fake? The space of a cinema can aptly aptly the difference between the two worlds, one real and the other fictive, being a constructed world of running images. But where are the borders? Do we not feel sometimes that we are like in a movie? Are we not sometimes out of reality, looking further to an other direction? The virtual reality overrules our physical realities. Now it is possible to shift into different worlds through video games, chat, and films. The whole entertainment industry grows with this curiosity reaching out to other dimensions.
Do we still perceive the difference between reality and fiction?
The installation asks the visitors to be seen, touched and eaten. To get in physical contact with an apparently organic arrangement of fruits and vegetables.
First, it is interesting how people approach the installation in the context of an art piece. When they cross over the limit between being spectator and a shown still-life, the artwork changes in process. People begin to touch and finally to eat the still-life, the inner sense of a proposed alimentation table. The past is present in the act of eating and suddenly the smell and the consistence of the fruits sensually remains a physical reality. The false plastic fruits will be discovered, little by little. The visitor has the occasion to perceive his own physical presence by interacting and studying the artwork. The classical still-life is out of his frame of a "hanging on the wall canvas", the represented fruits and indications of a quick life is put into reality where a table full of fruits wait for the visitor.