Spoon-feeding Nr.2

A businessman, an art critic (and former civil servant at the ministry of defense), a journalist, a politician, a priest and a mini bus driver fed the public and interacted with it by engaging in discussions about their work or their position in society. They served as a mirror of certain social structures, which I detected as important during my stay in Armenia. The feeders themselves could choose the food they had to serve by the spoon. The intimate act of feeding an unknown person provoked strong reactions. This emotional part was the first step towards conversations, which lasted even longer than the performance itself.
Public: The public was mainly composed of persons interested in, or working with, art and this aspect influenced my choice for the persons who fed the public by the spoon. The public started to interact and to question the feeders. Sometimes the feeders felt hurt when persons in the public put more emphasis on the food than on them, but this was part of the risk of participating. Their preferences of the moment steered the course of the performance. Without the participation of the public the performance would not have taken the form I wished for it. Most of the persons in the public were aware of which profession each feeder had.