Performance in the Swiss Alps
I live in the Netherlands where I am hardly involved with a natural echo. The flat landscape does not know and listen to my voice, which is swallowed by vastness and let me fall silent. I hear water, wind. After a while I give up to shout and to listen to myself. A strange cold silence embraces my voice. And then, all of a sudden I meet Echo, in Wald. Who is Echo? Where does she come from? What does she say? And why I feel touched by her?
(Barbara Philipp)

The art project Echoing is a theatrical walk across the village Wald (ZH)in Switzerland. In the framework of the artist on a hill residency Barbara Philipp proposes to go on a trip where three spots are pointed out to encounter an acousmatic voice. Who is this voice which reflects our own existence? We suppose to meet someone, whoever it is. The field trip invites to discover and to listen to you.

spoken language: German/English/ Swiss German/French/Italian
Theatrical realization: Patricia Sluka
duration: circa 90 min.