CATCH THE RABBIT! (Fang den Hasen!)

Performance realized at the Museumsquartier, Vienna

The performance was conceived as a game where the playful handling of ambiguous looks and physical attraction invites the visitor to change his/her role, thus responding to the exercise of revealing the banality of the sex industry. In daily life, although women are not dressed up like Playboy bunnies, they still have to deal with sexual harassment, depending on a set of social codes determining acceptable behaviour and deviant taste within a given society. A physical attack is not always necessary to be evidence of truly aggressive behaviour towards women. The aggressor s real motives are often occulted upon direct confrontation. Yet women s reactions are often ridiculed since the rules of the game of seduction tend to change in time and depending on different countries social habits. It is often difficult for woman to express their utter disgust about being chased after like animals, especially when it comes to explaining it to men using word, gestures, and looks.

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