Surrounded by the mountains I remembered the feeling of listening to my own voice and its echo, mirrored back by the mountains. The echo as an acousmatic voice started to attract my interest, because I needed to strengthen my voice to be able to listen to my echo. Only a solid, strong voice will be able to get a response. An echo provokes a dialogue with your/oneself as with others who are close by. Nature gives you the platform to communicate and my main focus concentrated on this triangle between nature, voice and the others (human beings) close by.

The echo of a voice that was carried back by the mountain leaves a trace in space and I attempt to capture these marks on paper in consideration of the surrounding in which the sound was produced. It is not inside a building, it takes place in the natural mountain scenario. The shape of the mountains and their contour map visually overlay the vibrations and timbres of the echos I heard.

Instead of using paper in some works of the series I worked out the line on canvas, but because the focus remains on the line and its connotation to the audio perception the definition of drawing seems only expanded.

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